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Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, md


in Dermatology, Laser Surgery,

 & Cosmetic Procedures


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Non-invasive Cosmetic & Laser Treatments

As a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist in New York, Dr. Cameron

 Rokhsar is able to offer patients a wide variety of options, techniques, and procedures.

Many dermatologists in New York and around the country refer patients with complex issues to Dr. Rokhsar as an expert in difficult-to-treat dermatology conditions and laser cases, including…

► Acne Treatment

► Body Contouring

► Chemical Peels

► Dermal Fillers

► Laser Skin Tightening

► Leg Vein Treatment

► Lip Fillers

► Non-Surgical Lifts

► PRP Hair Loss

► Medical Treatments

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Patient success stories & results

Kent Black
Kent Black
Dr. Cameron was excellent, he helped get rid of my cyst and keloid I had on my face, now J have a whole new confidence because of Dr Cameron. He was very informative, patient and gentle I didn't feel a thing, his staff are all so helpful and nice as well… Recommend 1000%!!!!!!
Amy Lobocchiaro
Amy Lobocchiaro
I had a wonderful experience with Dr Rokhsar. Dr Rokhsar saw me for a possible procedure for my nose due to an accident. The doctor was kind and thorough as he explained all the possibilities. Dr Rokhsar was not an alarmist and told me to wait three months and let my body heal. Very impressive doctor with an impressive office. Highly recommend.
Kelly Cafiso
Kelly Cafiso
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rokhsar! I had a facial procedure done called the C02 / Fraxille laser procedure, which was pretty in-depth, but gives great results. I’m hoping! I had an issue the night after my procedure and called pretty late in the evening, and Dr. Rokhsar got right back to me and made me feel OK again and that meant so much to me! I know I’m gonna have a great results and I’m very excited! He’s the best!
Pat K
Pat K
Dr R is always just so thorough! Genuinely I couldn’t be happier or feel SAFER, than I am with Dr Cameron Rokhsar. I am of Celtic origin, Scottish, so my fair skin is something to be very careful with. Dr Rokhsar knows this, and is passionate about people looking after themselves, especially when it comes to skin. He’s a surgeon and a the way he scopes the entire body, is as vigilant as you could get. Highly recommend. And thank you front desk staff. You are always so kind and gracious; and you were lovely with my girls today. See you soon Patrick K
Alison G
Alison G
I have seen Dr. Rokhsar in the past for various cosmetic procedures. I went in today for under eye filler. The result was amazing. The procedure was painless, quick, and yielded a fantastic result that took years off of my appearance. As a fellow Dermatologist, I have complete trust in Dr. Rokhsar's aesthetic sensibility, his technical skills and the breadth of his training. I also appreciate his honest, direct and straightforward approach to assessing my needs. If you want a real, New York Derm with excellent training rather than the fluff that is out there in our field of medicine, see Dr. Rokhsar. You will love your results!
Stephanie R
Stephanie R
Yesterday was my second Miradry session. After the first session I saw a change in the sweating of my armpits, it was reduced by 80%. For me it was like a miracle. I decided to attend Dr. Cameron's Surgery Center, your staff is very friendly. Dr. Cameron was very attentive to me during the session, he is very professional. remember that each body is different, recovery is fast. I am very happy with the results.
Dennis Moriarty
Dennis Moriarty
As an R.N. with decades of versatile medical experience I was really impressed with how cohesive the office was run. I needed two somewhat complicated skin pathologies removed. The prep work was excellent and Dr. Rokhsar was Informative, reassuring, and surgically talented!. ⭐️⭐️
charlotte lurie
charlotte lurie
Definitely make an appointment with Dr. Rokhsar. He’s very professional and knowledgeable and also makes you feel comfortable so you can feel confident that he will take care of you. His office staff is lovely as well. Very happy I found him.

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Meet Dr. Cameron Rokhsar

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, MD, an internationally renowned dermatologist and fellowship-trained laser and MOHS surgeon, is double board-certified in dermatology and micrographic dermatologic surgery.

 After graduating from Harvard College & NYU School of Medicine, Dr. Rokhsar founded the New York Cosmetic, Skin, and Laser Surgery Center, where he has acted as chief medical director since 2014.

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